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How Your Body Buildup Toxins Over Time?

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

All sorts of toxins enter your body through different sources, such as air, water, food, medicine, cosmetic products, etc. Exposure to toxins is unavoidable in our daily life as they are everywhere. Some toxins are produced inside your body too, some are waste products from normal metabolic activities, such as carbon dioxide and urea, or harmful by-products of poorly detoxified estrogens, and others, such as microbial toxins, are produced as a result of health problems such as intestinal dysbiosis.

Toxin Buildup In Your Body | NUTRADRiP

Toxin build-up over time can happen due to many reasons. Some of them are:

Air Pollution

Air pollution has increased by 10% over the last 3 to 4 years around the globe. Inhalation of gases, specks of dust or mist, emissions from industries or vehicles, pesticides, heavy metals like mercury, etc can irritate the nose, air passages, and lungs. They get deposited in the airway or absorbed into the lungs and the bloodstream.

Processed Food

Eating processed food is another route for toxin build-up. Also, chemicals that get in or on food, cigarettes, and canned or packed foods can cause toxin build-ups. Eating pesticide-sprayed vegetables or eating animals that were exposed to chemicals or pollution can also be a cause.


Drinking polluted water can lead to toxin buildup over time. For example: if drinking water contains 1 milligram of lead per liter, then the person would take in a total of 2 milligrams of lead in a day. Consuming an excessive amount of alcohol, energy drinks, canned juices, etc., is also some of the causes.


Toxins also enter your body through your skin, which is the largest organ of the body. Cosmetics like shampoos, make-up, perfumes, and lotions contain parabens, formaldehyde, and phenoxyethanol, all of which can be toxic to your body.

How Do They Overload?

Your body has its own detoxification system, the lymphatic system, which is the liver and kidney. They play a major role in removing biologically harmful compounds from your body. However, they fail to accomplish 100% with increasing exposure to chemicals and pollution nowadays.

When your body takes in more toxins than it can process, the lymphatic system gets overwhelmed and toxin build-up gets overloaded, which in turn causes damage to your body.

On the bright side, you can avoid toxin overload by making simple changes to your diet and lifestyle. Make healthy food choices, practice breathing exercises and yoga, and stop bad practices like smoking and alcohol consumption.

Look for signs that hint at toxin build-up and get checked regularly. You can also consult a medical expert regarding detoxing your body with IV therapy and benefit from IV Hydration Drip, which clears your body of toxins and free radicles.

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