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5 Things That Hurt Your Skin’s Glow

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Skin is the largest organ of our body and aesthetic appearance is not the only reason why taking good care of your skin is essential. There are too many skin care products available in the market these days and using too many of them can actually irritate and damage your skin rather than help it stay healthy. There are also a few unintentional habits that you do on a regular basis that could really hurt your skin’s glow.

Skin Glow | NUTRADRiP

Not Washing or Removing Makeup Before Bed

Washing your face before going to bed is crucial for healthy skin. Just because you cannot see the grime on your face, it does not mean that your face is clean. Leaving your makeup on can clog your pores along with the buildup of oil, dirt, and pollution, and as a result, you will experience inflammation and breakouts over time.


Smoking can cause a wide range of problems to your body and your skin is no exception to it. The nicotine in cigarettes disrupts the blood flow to your skin. Because of this, your skin does not get enough oxygen and nutrients. Also, the chemicals in cigarettes can damage the collagen and elastin proteins making your skin look thin, dull, and more wrinkled.

Not Getting Enough Sleep

Getting at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep is essential for your general health and your skin. Your skin generates collagen at night as part of the repairing process and without enough sleep, your skin might suffer from premature aging and dark under-eye circles.

Exfoliating Your Skin Too Much

Skin exfoliation is important, but doing them too often can cause damage to your skin barrier that balances the moisture of your skin leading to dryness, acne, etc.

Too Much Sugar Intake

Although there are a lot of factors that damage your skin, sugar is the main culprit. Sugar damages the production of collagen and elastin proteins, which causes premature aging. Consumption of excessive sugar can eventually result in acne breakouts and your skin will start to look wrinkled, saggy, dull, and dry.

Taking care of your skin is quite important than we think and avoiding a few bad skincare routines, can significantly help you achieve smooth, clear, and natural skin. Shiny skin can also be achieved by IV drip, which completely bypasses the whole process of digestion altogether to get a natural glow from within as quickly as possible.

Discover your true inner beauty with our anti-aging NutraGlow Drip. In addition to skin glow, detox your liver and kidneys. Keep your skin hydrated to make it healthier and get refreshed looks.

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