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Dr. Mark Perlmutter

I am an orthopedic surgeon/hand surgery specialist. As a sub specialist we depend on the amazing expertise of those who can maintain the health of our patients. This practice is perfectly amazing and it quite academic it wonderful support it renders for our community.
10 stars!


Rachel Hirsh

The staff were courteous and thorough and I felt very taken care of and informed about what would be happening. The results of just one visit have astounded me - my overall energy level is much better. I will be returning :)


Stewart Whitaker

As a man that works out a lot, I had no idea that the energy I would get for my next work out, would come from an IV... Nutradrip provided me by what she call the energizer. Different vitamin instantly into my blood stream.. just sit back & relax in her massage chairs & before you know it your done! Highly recommended.

Professional service. Following COVID-19 guidelines. Happy to have another health and wellness business in Rocky Mount NC.

Michelle M.


I recommend the Diucaps. the results may not be as powerful as the IVs but it work great and reasonable price. Diucaps help with your appetite.

LeTaisha P.


Such a welcoming knowledgeable atmosphere.

Meka M.


I recommend the NUTRADRiP IV Slim, B12 shots and if you are on your weight loss journey the Semaglutide injections! Also, the Diucaps to curb appetite!
Awesome staffing!

Evette P.


Amazing service and customer service. Just Amazing!!

Quentin R.


I have been getting iv vitamin for over 7 years, this place is by far the best. Use high quality vitamin. The energy you feel after is priceless. If you are in the NC area you have to stop by. Staff are very professional. Love it!

Nanncie C.


Very Professional and Beautiful Establishment!

Jackie A.


Pleasant, Private, Warm and Friendly environment.

Nedra M.


From the virtual I can’t wait to try it!!!!

Jerneise H.


Always very nice and professional. The products work Latoya is wonderful so much information.

Jennifer M.


I loved the service! Dr. McCurdy was so nice and filled me in on every step of my infusion. I was informed and felt so much better. I would most definitely recommend!

Christopher B.


OMG! I LOVE this place. The environment is clean and calming as soon as you walk in. The staff is very professional. The medical provider Ms. Latoya is very knowledgeable about all the many wonderful products. I called and made an appointment to share my wt. loss journey with Ms. Latoya. I explained I was in a stall and feeling quite discouraged. Ms. Latoya listened, educated me on options to assist with my wt. loss and metabolism boost. Thank God for this place. My wt. loss is moving again I have weekly visits staying on track with the comfort of knowing I have the medical assistance I need to ensure I am also on a healthy journey. THANK YOU NUTRADRIP IV HYDRATION & WELLNESS.

Surbrina B.


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